This is a special post for a very special lady. Do you know her?

Well you need to

Ever heard of THE DOODLE SOUP

It is a small but amazing business done by KEYA SHAH (we love her)

She is a 21 year old who doodles. And creates masterpieces out of her doodles in form of stamps, mugs, notebooks, frames, deck of cards, badges and what not. I have three stamps from her and have every intention of buying a lot more.

A special mention here to the fact that the first stamp I received had a defective handle so she sent me another one without hassle and even wrote a sorry for the delay message on a cute note inside the package.

She is wonderful to talk to and you’ll immediately like her.

I know I do.

And after I had posted tons of pictures with her stamps, she asked me for AN HONEST REVIEW.

So here it is,


What you do is wonderful.

Your doodles are beautiful

And I am sure there is no one out there who won’t like them.

A 10000/5 maybe?

Here is the link to her website.

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