Book Review: The Heartfulness Way: Heart-Based Meditations for Spiritual Transformation by Kamlesh D Patel and Joshua Pollock


TITLE: The Heartfulness Way: Heart-Based Meditations for Spiritual Transformation
AUTHOR: Kamlesh D Patel and Joshua Pollock
PAGES: 212
ISBN: 978-9386850560
GENRE: Non Fiction

As we manoeuvre the many demands of relationships, career, property and health, we often sense a void, a feeling of alienation from our true selves. Is it possible for one planet to orbit so many suns? We have many centres in our lives, yet where is the true centre, the deepest centre that lies at the core of every heart?
Ensconced in India’s ageless oral tradition, Kamlesh D. Patel—widely known as Daaji, the fourth guru in the Heartfulness lineage—traces a seeker’s journey as he examines the nature of spiritual search. Through a series of illuminating conversations between a teacher and a student, Daaji reveals the core principles of the Heartfulness practice and philosophy to Joshua Pollock, a Heartfulness practitioner and trainer.
From reflecting on the essence of prayer and yogic transmission to demystifying the act of meditation through practical tips, this book will enable us to live beyond the filters of our sensory limitations and discover unity within ourselves. To practise Heartfulness is to seek the essence beyond the form, the reality behind the ritual. It is to centre oneself at the core of one’s heart and find true meaning and contentment there.


An engaging title talking of a way of life full of positivity and encouragement, the author claims and hopes to help us relieve and understand this by a series of conversations with daaji. A transformative approach to life while dealing with the ever rafting ebb and flow of surroundings. Can any or us truly claim to live our life the heartful way? Can we ever claim to have achieved that level of being?

There have always been personalities and spiritual realm travellers who teach us so many valuable pearls of wisdom as do they help us follow through our paths.

For something who doesn’t meditate and doesn’t travel through with spirituality this is a novel and rather wonderful book to enjoy and without doubt worth delving into. Yes a lot of you may find it sluggish and boring in the vernacular but what is aims to accomplish is indeed done beyond repair.

You may call it a sort of spiritual mirror we need to ogle into every morning. The writing very much reminded me of ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ and even the message is similar.

With a rather unique way of writing and a even more novel approach to meditation and the heart of living, this book is bound to do wonders.
Another major point that choose to attract me was the sheer simplicity of the words and still how they could fall into places and fulfil their purpose. I absolutely adored their writing and mostly their take on spirituality, medication and life as a whole.

Kamlesh D. Patel is an original voice in an ancient tradition. Known widely as Daaji, his teachings arise from his personal experience on the path of Heartfulness, while reflecting his deep spirit of enquiry and respect for the world’s great spiritual traditions and scientific advancements.
Daaji practised pharmacy in New York City for over three decades before being named as the successor in a century-old lineage of spiritual masters. Fulfilling the many duties of a modern-day guru, he travels widely, extending his support to spiritual seekers everywhere. A self-professed student of spirituality, he devotes much of his time and energy to research in the field of consciousness and spirituality, approaching the subject with scientific methodology—a practical approach that stems from his own experience and mastery in the field.
Joshua Pollock is a Heartfulness trainer and practitioner from the United States. An accomplished Western classical violinist, he has performed and taught throughout the world, and his violin solos can be heard in numerous A.R. Rahman original soundtracks such as Ghajini, Delhi 6, Raavan, Yuvvraaj, Blue, Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa and Raavanan.
A dedicated spiritual aspirant, Joshua is enthusiastic about sharing his passion for meditation, frequently lecturing at private seminars, holding practical demonstrations in corporate, educational and governmental settings, and providing ongoing individual support to local seekers. Joshua holds a Bachelor of Musical Arts degree from Indiana University and two master’s degrees from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. He currently resides in India with his wife and their two children.

Cover: 4/5
Title: 3/5
Characters: 4/5
Language: 4/5
Writing and Presentation: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

Disclaimer: I was sent this book by writersmelon for an honest review. The review is absolutely my own and hasn’t been influenced by anyone.

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